Unique beer from Tyrol.

The Brewery

At the foot of the Scheffauer mountain in Tyrol, in midst of forests and meadows, valleys and mountains, you can find the Stöfflhof in Schwoich. Formerly a farm, now a brewery. And that as early as 2004, when the owner of the farm, Peter Bichler, opened the district’s first brewery, back then producing classic beer styles.

Almost ten years later, his son Christoph was more and more drawn to the Stöfflhütte at the Wallneralm towards the mashhouse, because he had discovered craft beer in the USA. And this was completely unknown in the Tyrol. You couldn’t buy it for the world. Thus he said to himself: I’ll simply brew it myself – together with his friends Max and Marko.

The first Tyrolean IPA was born, the first stout, the first special brew matured in casks. Then the Bierol men attended the first, brand new Vienna craft beer festival still using labels they glued onto the bottles by hand. And the people just loved it! Today, they are, with same philosophy but a new team, a fixture of the Austrian scene – not just because their beers are unconventional, but also top quality and fresh.

They love experimenting with local grains, they started a barrel project, they interpret classic styles in new ways and, in 2018, were awarded the Gault Millau ‘beer of the year’ trophy for their Bomboclaat brew. They are no traditionalists, but they know where they come from. And you can taste this in every single beer.