Unique beer from Tyrol.

Mountain Pale Ale

Mountain Pale Ale - Bierol

Mountain Pale Ale – India Pale Ale

The mountains: strong, massive and inspiration for many things. Such as the Mountain Pale Ale. Created in 2014 as the flagship beer of a young brewery situated amidst the Kaisergebirge in the Tyrol, “the Mountain”, as we call it here, quickly became a fixture amongst the Bierol beers. And not just because of its telling name. There is almost an avalanche of hops, malts and yeast. Light at first, but rapidly increasing. Hoppy and exotic tones in the nose mingle with malty toffee and a few nuances of house yeast. The tongue then experiences a full malty body with touches of caramel. Yet the hops are ever present, finally even with a full bitterness. Our own mountain spring water from Schwoich (you read correctly, but not just a marketing slogan in our case) is part of the game. And you can notice that the beer has 7.3% in alcohol in the warming aftermath. Here you can see what a Tyrolean India pale ale can be: strong, massive and an inspiration for many things.

In brief:

  • Tyrolean IPA
  • Hoppy and exotic, with some caramel and malty sweetness
  • Strong, massive and a distinct bitterness

And that’s in it:

  • Malt: Pilsner, Munich, Cara Red
  • Hops: Cascade, Amarillo, Citra
  • Yeast: House ale yeast
  • Alc.: 7.3% abv
  • Original Gravity: 16°P
  • IBU: 60
  • EBC: