Unique beer from Tyrol.

The Padawan

The Padawan - Bierol

The Padawan – Pale Ale

No. To make that clear. The Padawan has not been named after Star Wars. The identical name is pure coincidence, albeit a nice one. Padawan stands for “pale ale doing alright without a name” and was established in a 2014 online vote for a nameless Bierol pale ale. Today, The Padawan is not just a classic but also the No.1 of our core range. And there’s a reason for that: because The Padawan is incredibly fruity, really smooth and has everything a pale ale needs: the right amount (and that’s not exactly a small one) of high-quality hops, a fine and almost creamy feel in your mouth, a light amber body and slightly dry in the finish. But first and foremost: mango. In the nose, on the palate and it lingers. For a long time. A very long time. Crisp, fresh, light and with a distinct bitterness. By no means just a summer beer. Everybody’s favourite beer!

In brief:

  • The Padawan is not related to Star Wars
  • Pale ale with oat flakes
  • Fruity mango with refreshing finish

And that’s in it:

  • Malt: Pilsner, Carahell, Wheat
  • Hops: Mosaic and Citra
  • Yeast: House ale yeast
  • AND: oat flakes
  • Alc.: 5.6% abv
  • Original Gravity: 13°P
  • IBU: 45