Unique beer from Tyrol.

Schwoicher Helles

Schwoicher Helles - Bierol

Schwoicher Helles – Kellerbier

This beer is an homage. An homage to days gone by. The days of Stöfflbräu. Before Bierol took over the brewhouse in Schwoich in 2014, Peter Bichler already brewed a lager type beer, from and for the Kufstein region, here at this location for his former restaurant and for the Stöfflhütte at the Walleralm. His son, Christoph, then took over the brewery with his friends Max and Marko. They also took the recipe for Stöffl Hell. They have now given this beer a new lease and, with the Schwoicher Helles, developed a modern interpretation of a classic Keller beer.

The Schwoicher Helles is and remains – as all the other Bierol beers, by the way – naturally cloudy and has neither been pasteurised nor treated in any other way. It is a beer as original and natural as can be, in flavour and in sustainability. After all, we also use some regionally grown barley that is produced and malted exclusively for Bierol. The Schwoicher Helles is thus finely balanced between a grainy, malty character and a fresh, hoppy aroma, for which we use selected Hallertau hops. With its fine body, accompanied by equally fine fizziness, the Schwoicher Helles is a beer not just for all the people in Schwoich. It is a beer for everybody who wants to combine sustainability with enjoyment.

In brief:

  • Pale Keller beer made from regional raw materials
  • Natural, cloudy and unfiltered
  • Finely balanced between grainy maltiness and fresh hoppiness

And that’s in it:

  • Malt: Pilsner, Carahell
  • Hops: Magnum, Spater Select, Perle
  • Yeast: W34/70
  • AND: love
  • Alc.: 4.9% abv
  • Original Gravity: 11.9° P